Winter Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up

Winter Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up

Hello Everyone, yesterday was the end of the Biannual Bibliothon and I am here to let you know how I did. I was able to finish 4 out of the 6 books I planned on reading and I completed 5 of the 7 challenges. I am happy with how did, I did get a little burnt out by the end of it and hardly read much of anything but that’s OK.

1. Read a retelling

Winter Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up

I started reading Winter on the 7th to get a head start because it is a huge book. I didn’t get to far into on the Saturday and I didn’t finish it until the 14th. I mostly listened to the audiobook for this one. When I was doing chores around the house or going to and from work I would just listen to this. I thought the narrator, Rebecca Soler, did a fabulous job and would recommend listening to the audiobooks for this series. 823 pages read. Continue reading “Winter Biannual Bibliothon Wrap Up”

December Book Haul

December Book Haul

I was on BookOutlet strolling through my wish-list, not looking to buy anything right away but just planning on what I wanted to get for the Boxing Day Sale and I noticed they had Winter by Marissa Meyer in-stock. Last time I waited to get Winter just before a sale on BookOutlet and they ended up being sold out by that time. So, I didn’t want a repeat of that happening and so I made an order.

Winter by Marissa Meyer

December Book Haul

Winter is the fourth and final book in the Lunar Chronicles and I love this series. They are entertaining and have such wonderful characters. The Lunar Chronicles are retellings of fairy tales, Winter being a retelling of Snow White.  I can’t wait to start reading Winter and see how the book ends. Continue reading “December Book Haul”

Christmas Book Haul

Christmas Book Haul

Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Today, I am going to share the books I bought at Chapters with the gift card I received for Christmas. Chapters was having their annual sale, 30% off all Hardcovers. I ended up getting 4 hardcovers 30% off and the rest of my books were from the bargain book section, my favourite section at Chapters.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Christmas Book Haul

I have read this book before but I don’t own a physical copy, just the e-version. I love this book and it is one of my all time favourite books. They came out with this Special Anniversary Edition this year and have been wanting it since then. They didn’t have any copies left at the two stores near me so I had to travel across the city to get this but was happy to do it because it is such a beautiful edition. I look forward to rereading this book next year. Continue reading “Christmas Book Haul”

Thrifty Finds Book Haul

Thrifty Finds Book Haul

Hello Everyone,

Today, I have a thrifty book haul for you, I went to my local Salvation Army Thrift Store to see if they had any books that I have been searching for. They didn’t have much selection which was slightly disappointing but they did have some books that I have been wanting for a while and I ended up picking up 6 books in total.

Pretties and Specials By Scott Westerfield

December Book Haul

I was so happy when I found these because I have been waiting to read this series for quite some time. Although, these copies are bigger than my other ones I own now its ok I don’t think I will keep the series when I am done. Continue reading “Thrifty Finds Book Haul”

Love Water Memory by Jeanie Shortridge

Love Water Memory by Jennie Shortridge Book Review


Love Water Memory by Jeanie Shortridge

Published By: Gallery Books (A Division of Simon & Schuster)

Published On: Jan 14th 2014

328 Pages

Purchase:  Amazon Book Depository


Lucie Walker has been found standing in cold water of San Francisco Bay, she has no memory of how or why she ended up there and in fact can’t remember who she is. She is emitted to the hospital and police reach out to the public for help in identifying her.

Grady Goodall, has been desperately searching for his fiancé, Lucie Walker, who has been missing for a week. When he sees Lucie on TV, he flies to San Francisco from Seattle to bring her home.

When Grady brings home Lucie, he discovers not only does she not know who he is but she is not like the Lucie he knew and loved. This new Lucie is the opposite of the old Lucie, will Lucie recover her memories or the old Lucie gone for good?

My Thoughts

I was expecting this book to be different then it was. I was thinking it was going to be more of a romance than it was because of the blurb on the back that said “If you could do it all over again, would you still choose him?” When I read this I was thinking it would be similar to The Vow, that movie with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum but Love Water Memory, is much more than just a romance book, yes there is romance but it also has elements of mystery and deals with mental illness, loss and family dynamics.

I love books about family dynamics and was surprised that this book ended up having that element. It made the story complex rather than it being a fluffy “chic lit”.  You also read about the family dynamics of both Grady and Lucie. Grady’s father died when he was young and he grew up with his mom and 6 sisters. It was interesting to read how this dynamic shaped his character. Lucie on the other hand has no family except for an estranged aunt.

I like that the story is told from the perspective of both Lucie and Grady. Reading from both their POV’s you could understand and feel what they were going through. I though that the POV’s were done well and could tell the difference between Lucie and Grady.

What really kept me turning the page was finding out about Lucie’s past and what happened to her as a child to make her this cold and distant person and eventually to have a mental breakdown and memory loss.


I enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend if people enjoy reading about mental health issues. I would pick up another book by Jennie Shortridge if I came across one. I gave this a 3.5 stars.

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