Unboxing// February PageHabit

Unboxing// February PageHabit

Hey There,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, I am back with another unboxing, this one is the February PageHabit. Each month I purchase the History box with a mystery add on. These are my favourite genres and I love getting this box every month.

If you aren’t familiar with this company, PageHabit is an awesome monthly book subscription service. I just love this book box and highly recommend it.

Reasons why I love this subscription service:

  1. Annotated by the author
  2. Variety of genres to choose from
  3. You can add a book from a different genre to your order
  4. They donate to literary charities for each box and also when you share a pic through social media
  5. Note from author
  6. Great selection of bookish goodies

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Unboxing// Quarterly Literary Box

Unboxing// Quarterly Literary Box

Hello There,

I am back with another quarterly unboxing, for those of you unfamiliar with the quarterly company, they offer book subscription services that arrive quarterly. They offer two types of boxes, young adult and literary fiction, I went with the literary box.

What’s so special about this book box subscription?

Well, friends I am happy to tell you. 🙂 The thing that sets this box apart from all the other lovely book subscriptions is this one is curated by the author. And not only that but the featured author annotates their book. Also, you will receive three books, yes booklovers, you read that correctly three books! One is annotated by the author and the other two are books that impacted the author in one way or another. If that isn’t enough to convince you, you also receive a bookmark and a bookish goodie. I’ve convinced you now haven’t I!? 🙂 Here’s a link for you to go and grab yourself a box now. I will be waiting for you when you get back. (not an affiliate link) Continue reading “Unboxing// Quarterly Literary Box”

Unboxing// January PageHabit

Unboxing// January PageHabit


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day yesterday. Mine was low key but good, my boyfriend took me book shopping and then we went for dinner. I have few books to share with you all, post coming soon. 🙂 Today’s post will be an unboxing for January’s PageHabit.

PageHabit is an awesome monthly book subscription service. I just love getting this box each month and highly recommend it.

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August Page Habit Unboxing

August Page Habit Unboxing

All my plans to keep up with my blogging this week did not go according to plan because my boyfriend brought home a kitten. I have been wanting a cat for quite some time. So most of my attention has gone to her. Even as writing this post she keeps stepping on the keyboard making it difficult to blog. Her name is Kitty. I know, how very orginal. Lol Well, enough about Kitty and on with the rest of the post. 

PageHabit is an awesome monthly book subscription service. It is in my opinion the best book subscription service. Even though I haven’t received any other book box but I have watched many unboxing videos for other companies and this the only were I felt the need to get one. 

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Quarterly Book Unboxing

Quarterly Book Unboxing

Hello everyone,

This was the box for July and it is now the end of September, soo just a little late with sharing this unboxing. I also had to retake my photos because they were on my old phone which died on me. It was long over due, I needed a new phone so bad but I am a terrible procrastinator and kept putting it off. Any ways, what I am getting at is I’ve used the canvas bag and spilt my coffee and there are now stains, oops. So if you see any stains it doesn’t come like that, that is just my own clumsiness. Continue reading “Quarterly Book Unboxing”

July Page Habit Unboxing

July Page Habit Unboxing

I decided to keep my Page Habit subscription because I just love these bookish boxes. I did go with the historical box again and love this box just as much as the June box. All the bookish goodies I received I will use for sure.

This months July Page Habit book is Where the Light Falls by Allison Pataki and Owen Pataki. The first book this brother/sister writing duo have written together. It will be interesting to read and see how the writing flows together. Continue reading “July Page Habit Unboxing”

June PageHabit Unboxing

June PageHabit Unboxing

I am so excited to share with you the very first PageHabit Historical Fiction box.  This subscription box was created when Bookly Box and Quarterly CO. Literary merged and so you get elements of both those subscription boxes in one. I thought this was a great idea and knew I had to subscribe to this book box.

Pagehabit still has the Quarterly boxes, Young Adult and Literary, that is curated by the featured author but now they have a monthly box as well. The monthly boxes come in seven different genres Literary, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Horror and Historical Fiction. It was tough choice but I went with Historical Fiction because it is my favourite genre.

The book featured in June’s PageHabit box was The Underground River by Martha Conway. I was so happy when I found out that this was going to be June’s book because I read a great review over on Annie’s blog called The Misstery. Which I will leave a link for you to go and read her review of The Floating Theatre. The Title is difference but it is the same book.

PageHabit June Unboxing

The Underground River is set in 1838 and the Ohio River is used as a backdrop for this historical fiction. May Bedloe find employment on a theatre flatboat while working there she helps ferry unwanted babies of slaves to freedom. Sounds so good and can’t wait to read.

Other things that were included in this months box was a letter from the author, bookmark, page flags. bookish pin and pouch. I have since made use of these bookish goodies and love them. In my opinion you can never have too many bookmarks or page flags. 🙂

PageHabit Unboxing

Another great thing about PageHabit is each month they will make a literary donation to a country in need. And this month’s donations will go to Zambia.

I recommend the PageHabit subscription box if your looking for a monthly book box. I do believe it is worth the price and shipping costs. Did anyone else get a PageHabit box and if so what genre did you get?

To get your own PageHabit Box head over to their website and check it out. 😀 Pagehabit.com

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