Monday Musing February 11, 2019

Monday Musing February 11, 2019

Dear Bookworms,

I hope everyone is have a great Monday. 🙂 I am back with my second post of Monday musings where I just share my thoughts on books I’m reading or just finished. I will also plan on sharing bookish news I’ve come across recently.

Reading Progress

I finished reading An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lepena and I liked it but wasn’t shocked by the plot twist at the end. I will have my review up soon for this.

I finished reading King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard on Saturday. I mostly listened to this on audio book until my time came up and had to delete it off overdrive. Most of what I listened to didn’t quite sink in but I got the gist of it. I won’t start the final book right away I think I will get to it next month though.

I started reading Shadow and Bone this weekend and am half way through it, I hope to finished it tomorrow. I don’t own the second book but I have requested a hold on it at my library and should be able to pick it up tomorrow. So far am liking Shadow and Bone it is an easy read and like the world and the darkling character.

New Releases February 12 

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Everyone’s invited…everyone’s a suspect…

For fans of Ruth Ware and Tana French, a shivery, atmospheric, page-turning novel of psychological suspense in the tradition of Agatha Christie, in which a group of old college friends are snowed in at a hunting lodge . . . and murder and mayhem ensue.

All of them are friends. One of them is a killer.

During the languid days of the Christmas break, a group of thirtysomething friends from Oxford meet to welcome in the New Year together, a tradition they began as students ten years ago. For this vacation, they’ve chosen an idyllic and isolated estate in the Scottish Highlands—the perfect place to get away and unwind by themselves.

They arrive on December 30th, just before a historic blizzard seals the lodge off from the outside world.

Two days later, on New Year’s Day, one of them is dead.

The trip began innocently enough: admiring the stunning if foreboding scenery, champagne in front of a crackling fire, and reminiscences about the past. But after a decade, the weight of secret resentments has grown too heavy for the group’s tenuous nostalgia to bear. Amid the boisterous revelry of New Year’s Eve, the cord holding them together snaps.

Now one of them is dead . . . and another of them did it.

Keep your friends close, the old adage goes. But just how close is too close?


The Sisterhood by A.J Grainger

Seventeen-year-old Lil stumbles across a dangerous secret while searching for her missing sister in this gripping thriller that’s perfect for fans of The Darkest Corners and The Third Twin.

Seventeen-year-old Lil’s heart was broken when her sister Mella disappeared. There’s been no trace or sighting of her since she vanished, so when Lil sees a girl lying in the road near her house she thinks for a heart-stopping moment that it’s Mella.

The girl is injured and disorientated and Lil has no choice but to take her home, even though she knows something’s not right. The girl claims she’s from a peaceful community called The Sisterhood of the Light, but why then does she have strange marks down her arms, and what—or who—is she running from?

Nick and June Were Here by Shalanda Stanley

Nick and June were best friends for years, until their relationship suddenly turned into something more. Now, June is coping with a new diagnosis of schizophrenia, a secret she asked Nick to keep for too long. Between managing her symptoms and her parents, June is just trying to keep it together. Nick is a reluctant car thief, supporting his aunt with the money and focusing on his art whenever he can.

But when June’s condition sends her to the hospital and Nick’s latest crime threatens to land him in prison, the two decide to run away. When the world is trying to tear them apart, can Nick and June find a way to stay together?

Movie Adaptations

Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James was just release last week and has already been acquired for movie rights by Michael B. Jordan. I’m excited by this news am a fan of Micahel B. Jordan from Friday Night Lights TV show. He hasn’t announced that he will star in it but I hope so. Need to pick this book up soon.

The Witches by Ronald Dahl is being turned into a movie again starring Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch. Not sure who will be playing the boy I’m not sure if they have casted the role yet. Guillermo del Toro is a producer on the film. It has a release date of October 2020. Love Ronald Dahl growing up so am excited for this film adaptation.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what bookish news your excited about.

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Monday Musings February 4, 2019

Monday Musings February 4, 2019

Dear Bookworms,

I hope everyone had a great reading weekend, I had a nice weekend but didn’t get that much reading done. I finished reading The Paris Winter by Imogen Robertson and made a little progress on An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena.

Reading Progress

I finished two non-fiction audio books last week, The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Clairshipman and The $100 Startup by Chris Gillebeau. I recommend The Confidence Code if you are struggling with confidence or are unsure of yourself.  And if you are interested in being in entrepreneur you should read The $100 Startup. I want to read it again but this time I will read it. Continue reading “Monday Musings February 4, 2019”

Mini Review: When the Lights Go Out and The Woman in the Window

Mini Review: When the Lights Go Out and The Woman in the Window

When the Lights Go Out Mini Book Review

When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

Published by: Park Row Books
Published on: Sept 4, 2018
Pages: 336
Mystery, Thriller


After the death of her mother, Jessie Sloane, makes an unsettling discovery that makes her question who she is. While suffering from insomnia Jessie goes on the pursuit to find answers. Continue reading “Mini Review: When the Lights Go Out and The Woman in the Window”

February TBR

February TBR

I’m back today with my February TBR, I want to keep my monthly TBR’s realistic and in saying that I think the five books I chose might be a stretch but I have been reading more lately so also possible…

You by Caroline Kepnes 

  • My top priority book is You by Caroline Kepnes. The TV series is on Netflix and I want to watch it but obviously can’t until I read the book first.

Continue reading “February TBR”

Books that BookTube made me Buy

Books that BookTube made me Buy

I am guilty of buying books simply because my favourite BookTubers hauled them recently and I am probably not alone in this. Raise your hands if you do the same. 🙋 I have toned down my book buying recently and don’t just buy all the books making their rounds on BookTube. It wouldn’t be such a problem if I actually read the books I bought but for some reason I buy them and don’t read them. Continue reading “Books that BookTube made me Buy”