Mini Review: When the Lights Go Out and The Woman in the Window

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When the Lights Go Out Mini Book Review

When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

Published by: Park Row Books
Published on: Sept 4, 2018
Pages: 336
Mystery, Thriller


After the death of her mother, Jessie Sloane, makes an unsettling discovery that makes her question who she is. While suffering from insomnia Jessie goes on the pursuit to find answers.

My Thoughts

After reading this last book from Mary Kubica I find myself falling out of love for her books. I was hoping that When the Lights Go Out would be more like her first three books and not her last one, Every Last Lie. The revelation in this book made me think I had bad joke played on me and wanted to throw the book across the room. Not impressed to say the least.

I suspected some aspects of the ending because of how her last book ended and I would have been fine with that but no she had to go and ruin the book with this other plot twist.

The Woman in the Window A.J. Finn

The Woman in the Window by A.J Finn

Published by: William Morrow
Published on: Jan 2, 2018
Pages: 427
Mystery, Suspense, Thriller


Anna Fox spends her day drinking bottles of wine and spying on the neighbours and well what else is there to do when your to afraid to step foot outside. During one of her spying sessions she witness a crime that to all appearances never happened. At lease that is what the detectives told her and they chalk it up to drunk imaginings while watching film noirs. Anna believes what she saw was real but how can you prove something when you can’t leave your house?

My Thoughts

I do not know how I did not guess the plot twist but it didn’t even occur to me even though all the signs were there. I pride myself on being able to see the plot twist coming from miles away (I like to think that I do) and this one just got away from me. Well one plot twist I did get but was obvious and was for the sub-plot story line.

Even though this one follows the trope of drunk unreliable witness, I’m not over it yet and I ended up enjoying it. The Woman in the Window even though being tropy was original enough that it felt like something I haven’t read before.

My big issue with this book was that it was too long. I like my thrillers to be around 350 pages at the most because I find if they are any longer it starts to drag. And at over 400 pages drag it did. I was bored for the middle part of the book and then finally towards the end it started to pick up.


Have you read When the Light Goes Out or The Woman in the Window? Do you have the same opinions as me or do they differ? Let’s discuss. 🙂

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