Unboxing// Quarterly Literary Box

Unboxing// Quarterly Book Box

Hello There,

I am back with another quarterly unboxing, for those of you unfamiliar with the quarterly company, they offer book subscription services that arrive quarterly. They offer two types of boxes, young adult and literary fiction, I went with the literary box.

What’s so special about this book box subscription?

Well, friends I am happy to tell you. 🙂 The thing that sets this box apart from all the other lovely book subscriptions is this one is curated by the author. And not only that but the featured author annotates their book. Also, you will receive three books, yes booklovers, you read that correctly three books! One is annotated by the author and the other two are books that impacted the author in one way or another. If that isn’t enough to convince you, you also receive a bookmark and a bookish goodie. I’ve convinced you now haven’t I!? 🙂 Here’s a link for you to go and grab yourself a box now. I will be waiting for you when you get back. (not an affiliate link) Sigrid Nunez is the curator for this winter box, I am not familiar with her and her previous seven books but I am happy that this is the book that was chosen because I probably would not have picked it up. We received a lovely letter from the author and a signed book plate!

Unboxing// Quarterly Book Unboxing

The Friend sounds like an amazing book, sad but heartwarming. A women loses a dear friend and has now found herself the owner of his Great Dane. This poses a problem since her apartment doesn’t allow dogs but in her grief she can’t bear to part from her dead friend’s dog. Together, Women and Dog, they will find a way to overcome their grief.

The two other books are My Dog Tulip by J.R. Ackerley  and Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. Sigrid mentions in her letter that these two books were a significant influence to her while writing The Friend. Since these two books were influential in her writing I shall read them first before I pick up her book.

Unboxing// Quarterly Book box

Now for the bookish goodies, this box was stuffed full with goodies, a Game of Thrones inspired bookmark, fairy lights, a tiny notebook, and coffee mug. My favourite item out of these would be the mug. I have been using this mug everyday with my morning coffee.

Unboxing// Quarterly book boxHope you liked this unboxing, if you did let me know. 🙂

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