August Page Habit Unboxing

August Page Habit Unboxing

All my plans to keep up with my blogging this week did not go according to plan because my boyfriend brought home a kitten. I have been wanting a cat for quite some time. So most of my attention has gone to her. Even as writing this post she keeps stepping on the keyboard making it difficult to blog. Her name is Kitty. I know, how very orginal. Lol Well, enough about Kitty and on with the rest of the post. 

PageHabit is an awesome monthly book subscription service. It is in my opinion the best book subscription service. Even though I haven’t received any other book box but I have watched many unboxing videos for other companies and this the only were I felt the need to get one. 

Reasons why I love this subscription service:

  1. Annotated by the author
  2. Variety of genres to choose from
  3. You can add a book from a different genre to your order
  4. They donate to literary charities for each box and also when you share a pic through social media
  5. Note from author
  6. Great selection of bookish goodies

August Page Habit Unboxing

The book for the Historical Fiction box is The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne. He is the author of The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, which I haven’t read or watched the movie but I want to because I hear nothing but great things. The Heart’s Invisible Furies is a coming of age story that follows Cyril Avery’s life in 1940’s Ireland.

August Page Habit Unboxing

This month’s goodies are these cute ankle socks and on the bottom they say If you can read this pass me my book. I love these socks and will be wearing them around the house. There is also these cute magnetic bookmarks. I think I will probably re-gift these bookmarks and put them in my niece’s stocking. She is a big reader as well and I think she will like these more than me.  I really like PageHabit bookmark for this month it is a quote from Matilda by Roald Dahl. “I am wondering what to read next” Which is something I can relate. Lol

August Page habit Unboxing

For this box and future boxes there will be a short story included and this months short story is The Bridge by Sacchi Green. It is about a girl named Regina who is dealing with the loss of a loved one and life back in England since coming back from helping soliders in France. Sounds interesting and is only 35 short pages long.

This month PageHabit teamed up with Buea Book Project and the Catholic University Institute of Buea to provide textbooks for students in Buea Cameroon.

That was everything that was included in this months historical fiction box. If your also interested I encourage you to check out their site and give this book box a try. ☺


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