Quarterly Book Unboxing

Hello everyone,

This was the box for July and it is now the end of September, soo just a little late with sharing this unboxing. I also had to retake my photos because they were on my old phone which died on me. It was long over due, I needed a new phone so bad but I am a terrible procrastinator and kept putting it off. Any ways, what I am getting at is I’ve used the canvas bag and spilt my coffee and there are now stains, oops. So if you see any stains it doesn’t come like that, that is just my own clumsiness.

The Quarterly Co. is a book box subscription that comes quarterly instead of monthly. I really think this is the best subscription box because the box is curated by the author and they also annotate their book. I just think this is such a cool concept. Not only do you get the authors new release but two other books that inspired them. Who doesn’t want to be given a book recommendation by a famous author. You also receive a note from the author, bookmark and a couple of bookish items.

The author for July’s Quarterly box is Gin Phillips for her new release Fierce Kingdom. I was happy when I found out this was the book because it was a book that I wanted to pick up myself. And now I have the annotated version. 🙂

Quarterly Co. Unboxing

Fierce Kingdom is a suspense thriller and about the bond between mother and child. A mother and her son have spent a day at the zoo and at closing time the mother sees something. What she sees has her running back into the zoo to protect her son. The synopsis given is vague but that’s ok because it is a thriller and the less known the better.

Gin Phillips book recommendations were Run by Ann Patchett and Island of the Blue Dolphin by Scott O’Dell. I have not read or heard of these books but both sound  good so look forward to reading them.

Quarterly Co. Unboxing

The Bookish items are these cute paper clips, bookmark, note from the author, signed book plate, and canvas bag. I love the canvas bag and have been using it quite a bit but not sure about the quality as it ripped in the seam right away. But that hasn’t stopped me from using it though.

Overall, I am pleased with my Quarterly box  and look forward to the next one. If you are interested in purchasing I will leave a link to their website below. Has anyone received this book subscription? Or any for that matter? What did you think?

Click the link to get your own Quarterly Box Subscription

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