Book Review: The Lost Girls by Heather Young

The Lost Girls by Heather Young

The Lost Girls by Heather Young

Published by: William Morrow an imprint of Harper Collins

Published on: July 26th 2017

341 Pages


A Debut novel about family secrets, loyalty, and sacrifices. This is a duel timeline alternating between Lucy’s story in 1935 and Justine’s in 1999.

The Evan’s family spend their summer at their lake house in Minnesota and in 1935 the youngest and favourite daughter, Emily, goes missing, never to be found. After the tragedy, Mrs. Evans never fully recovers and spends her life with her two remaining daughters, Lilith and Lucy.

Sixty-four years later, Justine inherits the lake house from her great-aunt, Lucy. This inheritance gives Justine and her two daughters the chance to escape her manipulative boyfriend. She will soon discover that the lake house isn’t the only thing that she has inherited.


  • Lucy – In 1935 she is eleven, middle child, and homely. Has always been close to her older sister Lilith and follows her everywhere.
  • Justine – Strives to give her daughters a stable and happy life. She thought that being with Patrick would provide this
  • Maurie – Justine’s mother. She lives a nomadic lifestyle, picks up and leaves when things aren’t going well with her boyfriend to search for a new one.

My Thoughts                   

This book was different from what I thought it was going to be but this isn’t a bad thing. I enjoyed this novel very much I just thought it was going to have a more investigative approach like The Lake House by Kate Morton. Although, The Lost Girls does have similar vibes to Kate Morton’s books but it also distinct enough to not be a copy.

“How terrible to die without finishing a book, she thought. Never to know the end of the story.”

The mystery is slowly unraveled to reveal the shocking truth that I didn’t find predictable . Even though this isn’t a fast-paced thriller I read most of it in one sitting. Granted I did read this while on a layover and on fight, so not a whole lot else to do, but once I arrived at my destination I didn’t want to put this down. Heather Young writes beautifully and it draws you into the story.

I loved reading about the sibling dynamics between Lilith, Lucy and Emily. Lilith and Lucy have a strong bond and Emily is the baby and outcast. The older girls can me quite mean to their little sister. This summer Lilith has become distant from Lucy, leaving Lucy to become closer to Emily.

Each chapter alternates between Lucy and Justine. I preferred Lucy’s chapters because it  where the mystery aspect of what happened to Emily is revealed. Also, Lucy chapters have a more atmospheric and haunting element to them that I enjoyed.

For Justine’s chapter I would have enjoyed them more if the reader was shown the relationship between Patrick and Justine rather than being told. Like when Justine says she would have to comfort him when he was moody or how controlling he could be, you never really felt that. I wanted to feel that tension of Justine having to walk on egg shells because of Patrick moods.

Overall, I enjoyed The Lost Girls by Heather Young very much. She is a talented storyteller.

Saved. What a word that is! So full of power, yet so passive. It speaks of a force greater than we, of an agency that is strong enough to redirect the flow of our lives when we cannot.”

Overall, I enjoyed The Lost Girls by Heather Young very much. She is a talented storyteller and look forward to future works. I recommend reading if you are a fan of Kate Morton or books about family secrets.

4.5 Stars

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