July Page Habit Unboxing

July Page Habit Unboxing

I decided to keep my Page Habit subscription because I just love these bookish boxes. I did go with the historical box again and love this box just as much as the June box. All the bookish goodies I received I will use for sure.

This months July Page Habit book is Where the Light Falls by Allison Pataki and Owen Pataki. The first book this brother/sister writing duo have written together. It will be interesting to read and see how the writing flows together.

July Page Habit UnboxingFrom what I read off the flap Where the Light Falls is told from three perspectives, Jean-Luc, Andre, and Sophie, and their lives become linked through the French Revolution. It does sound interesting. I think I will save it to read this winter.

Along with the book there was a note from the author. I do enjoy reading these notes because you get a little background and I find them to be a nice touch. The bookish goodies were a blank paged notebook and a reading light. I believe you can never have enough notebooks and this will come in handy. As will the reading light, I didn’t already have one and happy that I do now. That way I can read in bed and not disturb my boyfriend as he sleeps.

July Page Habit Unboxing

Another great thing about this book subscription they make a donation to a literacy foundation to bring reading materials to children in need. For July Page Habit is working with Nyarweng Foundation and is providing South Sudan with reading material.

July Page Habit Unboxing

There you have it everything that came in the July Page Habit box. I hope you liked this post. 🙂

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