Those Girls by Chevy Stevens Review

Those GIrls by Chevy Stevens Book Review

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

Published by St. Martin’s Press

Published on July 7th 2015

Pages 384

Suspense, Thriller

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Those Girls is about three sisters, Dani, Courtney, and Jess Campbell and tells the story of the bonds between siblings, the fight for survival and the need for revenge.

I felt it best to give a vague summary because it’s best to go into this one blind. But warning that this book deals with domestic abuse, sexual assault and torture. So if your uncomfortable reading about that this probably isn’t the book for you.


  • Dani the oldest of the Campbell sisters. Plays the mother role to her sisters. Is the responsible one and makes the decisions.
  • Courtney the middle child and the wild one. Is the attention seeker, doesn’t listen and does what she wants. Reckless.
  • Jess the youngest. Majority of the story is told from her perspective. Mature for being the youngest.

My Thoughts                                            

My feelings are conflicted with this book on one hand I found it addictive and wanted to keep turning those pages and then on the other hand I was frustrated with the characters and their decisions. For the most part I liked it but wasn’t a perfect read by any means.


  • I was hoping to see more growth from the characters. They go through some horrific situations and I didn’t see any development from the characters, which, I have to say was disappointing.
  • Many times I was frustrated because of the stupid decisions the girls made. I just wanted to yell at them to stop being so stupid. It was more frustrating because it the decisions they made were out of character. They may be young but they had a rough childhood and had to grow up before there they should have. They should have been able to recognize the situations but then none of it would have happened and I guess we wouldn’t have had a story.
  • The events that happened and how they were handled were unrealistic and I know it’s only a story and you have to suspend your disbelief but it was just too far fetched.


  • Chevy Stevens writing captivated me from the first page and even though I didn’t love this book I was compelled to keep on reading.
  • The core of this book is about the bond between the three sisters and I loved reading about that bond. It made me think of my siblings and even though I didn’t have the same upbringing as them I could relate in some ways.
  •  I enjoyed the fast-paced and was able to finish the story in a couple sittings

Over all I mostly enjoyed Those Girls by Chevy Stevens. And I think Stevens is a talented writer and will read more books by her in the future. I recommend reading f you are looking for a fast-paced thriller and can handle reading graphic scenes.

3.5 Stars

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