Summer TBR

Happy First Day Of Summer!!!

Can you tell how excited I am? Summer is my favourite season and now it’s officially here. To celebrate the first day of summer I will be sharing 12 books that I want to read this summer.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson              

Summer TBRThis book has summer in the title, so, of course I need to read it during summer. Morgan Matson seems to write books specifically for summer. Last year I read Since You’ve Been Gone  and it was an enjoyable read.

Second Chance Summer is about a girl named Taylor Edwards and how her and her family spend their summer at their lake house in Pocono Mountains where they become closer as a family.

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour             

Summer TBRI love this cover and have been wanting to read it since I bought it but wanted to save it for this summer because it is set in summer.

As a graduation gift Emi’s brother gives her the keys to his Los Angeles apartment with the request that she does something epic there. I can only assume that something epic will go down. Can’t wait to read to see what it is.

The Summer Series by Jenny Han              

Summer TBRI have had The Summer I Turned Pretty for several years now and have been holding off reading until I had the rest of the series in hard back and I finally got my hands on them last year.

This series also consists of It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always have Summer. And the books I believe is about a love triangle between Belly and two brothers Jeremiah and Conrad that takes place during the summer. Look forward to binge reading this on the beach.

The Good Sister by Jamie Kain                            

Summer TBRThis is one is of a heavier subject matter than the previous books mentioned but it is a contemporary and for me contemporary is best read in summer.

The Good Sister is told from the perspective of three sisters Rachel, Asha and Sarah. After a tragic accident the Kinsey family’s life will be forever shattered.

Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman         

Summer TBRWhen I first bought this book I thought it was non-fiction but it is not. Almost Famous is a collection of short stories and each story gives a brief look of an almost famous women in history. I figure this would make a great beach read. Also just have to mention that I love this cover.

The Girls by Emma Cline                              

Summer TBRI have been wanting to read this since I bought earlier this year but this is also set during summer and I love reading books set in summer during summer.

I have heard mix things about this book but am hoping I like it. All I know about it is that a girl named Evie Boyd gets caught up in a cult similar to the Manson Family cult. I was thinking this was going to be a psychological thriller but I hear it is more of a coming of age story and that is ok because I like coming of age stories.

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah                             

Summer TBRI love Kristin Hannah’s books although I only read two, Winter Garden and The Nightingale, but still love her books. I am so excited to get to this one.

Firefly Lane is broken into four parts and each part is a different decade, starting off in the seventies and ending in the millennium. Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart meet in the summer of 1974 and the two quickly become inseparable and vow to be best friends forever. Can’t wait to get swept up in Kristin Hannah’s wonderful story telling.

The Last Camellia by Sarah Jio                   

Summer TBRI read The Violets of March by her several years ago and loved it and I have been meaning to read something by her ever since but just haven’t gotten around to it.

I don’t know how to describe this book but it is set in two different time periods one in 1940 and in 2000. In 1940 you follow Flora an American Botanist who is contracted by an international ring of flower thieves (who knew there was such a thing?) to acquire the last remaining Middlebury Pink Camilla. Then in 2000 the POV is told by Addison who uncovers an old gardener’s notebook that I assume has something to do with Flora. Sounds very intriguing and I love a good Historical/Mystery book.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen                    

Summer TBRI was reading Water for Elephants a few years ago and never finished because I destroyed my copy by dropping it in the tub. Sadly it couldn’t be saved it was too badly water damaged. 😥  Now that I have myself a new copy I plan reading it soon and will keep it far away from water. lol

Water for Elephants is about a man, Jacob Jankowski, who finds work at a circus during the depression. I think reading a historical/romance makes for a great summer read and also helps that the setting takes place in a circus which makes me think of summer.

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd                   

Summer TBRThis cover reminds me of summer with the image of a lake or ocean. The Invention of Wings is inspired by Sarah Grimke who was a abolotionish and suffragette. I am sure this is going to be a powerful read.


Well those are the 12 books that are on my Summer TBR list. What do you plan on reading this summer? Are there certain types of books you tend to read more of in the summer? I would love to know please leave me a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Summer TBR

  1. This was an interesting post, and I can tell you’re mainly into contemporary, teen fiction types of books. One book I recognized on this list was One Chance Summer, which was because I actually own Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson, the same author. Tell me what you think of it once you’ve read it. ❤
    ~Cec @ Yellow Eccentricity

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks I am glad you liked and found this interesting. 😊 I don’t normally read this many young adult contemporaries but I have been saving these specifically to read them this summer. I will definitely let you know my thoughts on Second Chance Summer.

      Liked by 1 person

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