May Book Haul

In the month of May I added 7 physical books to my shelves, most of these were pre-orders or from a book subscription box. Just realized that I added ACOWAR in my pictures but I already hauled that for my April Book Haul. #Fail I also discovered BookBub and downloaded 4 e-books in May.

 The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova                                 

May Book Haul

I was so excited to find out that Kostova was releasing a new book this year and pre-ordered it. I absolutely loved The Historian by her and The Shadow Land is giving me those same vibes. So, am thinking I am going to love it.

The Shadow Land is a historical/mystery and is about a young American girl named Alexandra Boyd and she has travelled to Bulgaria to heal from the loss of her brother. Her journey begins with helping an elderly couple into a taxi and accidentally kept on of their bags. She discovers that the bag holds an urn of ashes and so she sets out to find the couple to return their bag. Her journey will lead her to uncover secrets and that knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins                                   

May Book Haul

This was another highly anticipated release that I pre-ordered and can’t wait to start reading. I read The Girl on the Train last year and really enjoyed reading it.

Into The Water follows a few perspectives I am not sure how many or who. What I do know is that a single mother is found dead in the town’s river and that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Her death will uncover dark secrets.

Borne by Jeff Vandermeer                                                

May Book Haul

I received Borne in my Quarterly Box and it is a book that I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself as I don’t read a lot of science fiction. Borne does sound interesting and am happy that I have it. Hopefully I will get to it soon.

The world has been ruined by drought and conflict and the main character survives by scavenging. While on a scavenge she comes across the giant bear who was an experiment from a biotech company and attached to his fur is a green lump. She takes this green lump back home where she calls him Borne and teaches him how to speak and about their world. As Borne grows he threatens the balance of their world.

The Blue Fox by Sjon                                                          

May Book Haul

This one was part of my Quarterly Box and it is a short story about a hunter in Icelandic winter who is goes on a transformative journey hunting an enigmatic fox. It also follows a naturalist who struggles to care for a women with down syndrome. This sounds like an interesting read.

 Gutshot by Amelia Gray                                                   

May Book Haul

Gutshot was also part of my Quarterly Box and it is a collection of creepy/horror short stories.

The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes                      

May Book Haul

I picked this book up for a report that I was writing for my course and I am so glad I did because I have been loving it. The Case against sugar goes into a history of America’s relationship with sugar and the health implications.

Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin                       

May Book Haul

Another book on sugar, also bought for my report.

Water Under the Bridge by Britney King                     

May Book Haul

Downloaded for free (I think if not then for 0.99) from BookBub and this was described as a chilling psychological thriller. That was enough for me to download it and give it a try.





Firebolt by Adrienne Woods                                            

May Book Haul

I downloaded this for free on my Kobo App and it is the first in the Dragonian series. I liked the cover of this and it was free, so, I thought I would give it a go.

All I know about this is that it has dragons and the main character is Elena Watkins. Oh, and it is a young adult fantasy.


Once Gone by Blake Pierce                                                 

May Book Haul

Another free book from BookBub. This one is also a series, that’s how they get you, first ones free to hook you then can’t help but continue on with the series.

Once Gone is a thriller and follows Special Agent Riley Paige as she investigates women being killed in rural Virginia.


The Keeper by A.G. Henley                                               

May Book Haul

I entered this giveaway and I didn’t win but A.G. Henley hosted the giveaway and gave everyone a free download of her novella for her brilliant darkness series. I don’t know much about the series but this novella has 4 star rating on Goodreads so, figured might as well download it.



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