The Couple Next Door Review

Published by Double Day Canada
Published on August 26, 2016
Pages 308
Psychological Thriller


Anne and Marco Conti live in upstate New York and are the happy parents to their baby, Cora, or at least it seems that way. This happy façade is shattered when Cora is kidnapped when they left her alone to attend a dinner party at their neighbours next door.

Anne was apprehensive but was convinced when Marco thought it would be good for them to get out. And after all they live in an attached brick row houses, just a few steps from baby Cora who would be safe and sound in her crib. They brought the baby monitor and would be able to hear if she was fussing and took turns checking in on her. Now they will have to deal with that guilt.

Detective Rasbach suspects that Anne and Marco are hiding something and during his investigation shocking secrets will come to light, secrets they were keeping from each other for years.


  • Anne comes from a wealthy family and married Marco against their wishes. She is all about keeping up appearances and constantly is wondering what people might think. After the birth of Cora she develops postpartum depression and because of her postpartum she struggles with motherhood and feels inadequate as mother and wife.
  • Marco didn’t have the same privleged upbringing as Anne and was happy to build a life with her from scratch and not with the help of his in-laws.
  • Both Marco and Anne are unlikeable characters, they can both be selfish and annoying at times but I didn’t mind it that much since this is a plot driven book and I think we are not meant to like them.


I didn’t actually read this but listened to it instead. I enjoyed the audiobook I thought the narrator did a great job and didn’t want to stop listening. I probably could have finished this the night I started but was super tired and had to get some sleep. However I did finish it the next night and was shocked by a certain plot twist (this book has many), one that I didn’t see coming.

“..has learned in his years on the job, it is people are capable of almost anything. Rasbach”

While listening to this I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. There were obvious elements that were borrowed from both these books which I suppose is a common thing lately, every author wants to follow in their successful footsteps. Personally, I didn’t think it was executed as well as Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins did in their books but it was still an enjoyable read just not 5 stars.

“…nobody makes that much money without taking advantage of somebody. It is much easier to make money if you don’t care who you hurt. If you have scrupples it’s much harder to get rich.”

The Couple Next Door is a heavily plot driven book which made for a fast read(listen) as there was not much description involved and Lapena has a clean and concise writing style. The book switches from third person perspective of Anne, Marco, Rasbach and at times the neighbour Cynthia. I enjoyed reading from each of their perspectives and liked that Lapena chose to tell the story this way.

The Couple Next Door is a highly addictive read and one that you won’t be able to put down. Has anyoneread The Couple Next Door? Let me know what you thought about it. Would love to discuss. 🙂

Rating 3.75

Bookish Matters


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