Quarterly Literary Unboxing

Quarterly Co. Literary Box

I always enjoy watching book subscription unboxing videos on YouTube but I never had much desire to subscribe to a monthly book box myself. I am Canadian and I didn’t think that after the conversion of the dollar from USD to CDN plus shipping costs would be worth it. I would rather spend that money on buying several books that I know what I am getting and don’t feel the need for all that bookish goodies. That changed when I watched some quarterly unboxing videos and decided I would try it out and see how I liked it.

Quarterly Co. Literary Box

Quarterly Subscription box is not a monthly subscription but like the name suggest it is quarterly. They have several different types of boxes like food, fitness, DIY and of course books. They offer two types of book boxes fiction and YA fiction. I debated for a while on what box I was going to get because I like adult and ya fiction but in the end I opted for the fiction box.

With Quarterly Co. the author curates the box and in the box you will receive their new release, two other books that inspired them and bookish goodies. What sold me on this box was that the author annotates their book, such a great idea. That and you get 3 books which made me think it would be worth the price of the box and the shipping costs.

Quarterly Co. Literary Box

The book for April’s box was Borne by Jeff Vandermeer. He is the author of the Southern Reach Trilogy. The first book, Annihilation, is being turned into a movie starring Natalie Portman and Oscar Issac. Since it has those two people in it I will definitely be watching, so, I will have read that book as well. Sorry I digress, Borne is a science fiction set in a city ruined by draught and conflict. Rachel is a scavenger in this city and one day on a scavenge she comes across a bear with this purple lump that flashes green attached to its fur. Rachel decides to take it home with her The lump turns out to be Borne and his existence threatens the power balance of the city and the saftety of Rachel. Borne sounds very interesting. Usually don’t gravite to Science Fiction but am happy that I had the opportunity to read this because I probaly wouldn’t have picked this out on my own.

Quarterly Co. Literary Box

The other two books that were in the box were Gutshot by Amelia Gray and The Blue Fox by Sjon. Gutshot is a collection of short stories and this cover is very creepy but also cool. I am interested to read it and see if it is as creepy as the cover suggests. The Blue Fox is a short story set in iceland and is about a hunter who’s life is changed after enigamtic fox lead him on a quest and also about a naturlist who struggles to care for a women who has down syndrome who he resuced from a ship wreck.

In this box there was also a note from the author, a promotional bookmark for Borne, a feather shaped pen and a water bottle. I have been using the water bottle since I received this box at the beginning of May and the B has already wiped off, as you can probably tell from the picture.

Overall, I am very pleased with this subscription box and will be continuing my subscription, the next box will come out in July. I can’t wait to see who will be the next author will be. Have you subscribed to the Quarterly box or any monthly subscribtion service? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Quarterly Literary Unboxing

  1. Cool stuff! Getting book subscription boxes in the mail is always the BEST feeling. I just tried a subscription box from Uppercase, and was actually very pleased with what I got! But I do agree; the shipping really adds to the price of the box…I found that without the shipping price, an uppercase box would only be 23 dollars, but instead it’s 30! How is Clockwork Princess for you? I just finished Lord of Shadows last night, and it was, well INSANE, but in an amazing way. You should definitely plan on reading TDA, they are my favorite so far. (when you thought you could never appreciate a character ever again after reading about Jace and Clary, and then BOOM, Emma and Julian just come along, and you’re like HAHA JUST KIDDING. I kind of feel like a traitor to TMI…lol)


    1. I agree it is the best feeling! I will continue with the quarterly box, it will be a nice surprise every few months.
      So far I am enjoying Clockwork Princess. I feel like by the end I will be crushed. I will definitely read TDA because I love shadowhunter world Cassandra Clare has created.

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