September Book Haul

In September I made up for not buying many books in August by buying 15 books. I was not planning on buying any books again in September but then BookOutlet sent me an email informing me that Half Lost is now in stock and I had to snatch it up before they were all gone. So naturally I decided I might as well pick up a few more while I was at it.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I am sure everyone is familiar with this book since it has been all over BookTube and blogs. I have seen the movie trailer for this and I want to watch it because Emilie Clark is in it. I just love her in the Game of Thrones TV series and would love to see her in something different. Before I watch the movie, I must read the book first because is there any other way?

September Book Haul

The Visionist by Rachel Uruqhart

The title and cover for this book intrigued me enough to read the synopsis and after reading what it was about I decided to add it to my cart.

The Visionist is about a teenage girl, Polly Kimball who sets fire to her house, killing her abusive father. She then moves her and her brother to a shaker community called the City of Hope. When Polly arrives she has been gifted with visions and becomes the community’s Visionist. This role keeps her in the spotlight which makes it difficult to keep her past hidden.

Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

This book is described as Game of Thrones meets Grimes fairytale. I love Game of Thrones and that’s why I picked it up. I hope it lives up to that comparison.

This book is about Sleeping Beauty’s daughter who is also named Aurora. She has been blessed with strength, bravery and mercy but has also been cursed, if she kisses a man, that will be the end of his free will. Auroa uses her gifts to go on a quest to save her brother and fight the Ogre Queen who has stolen her mother’s throne.

September Book Haul

Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay

As you probably can tell this book is a reimagining of Beauty and the Beast. Which is my favorite Fairy Tale. In this story the Beast is the captive of the Beauty. Sounds very interesting and hope to read this soon.

Half Lost by Sally Green

After finishing Half Wild I was hoping that BookOutlet would have Half Lost in stock soon and luckily I didn’t have to wait to long. I will definitely be reading this one right away. I am curious to see how it will end.

September Book Haul

The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkowski

I keep seeing this book all over BookTube and it sounds great and the covers are beautiful. Even though the book I received is a different cover from the ones I have seen, it is still a beautiful cover. I am not entirely sure what this one is about all I know is it a fantasy and there is political intrigue involved.

Between Two Queens (Secrets of the Tudor Court) by Kate Emerson

I already have the second book and now I have the third book in the series. I will probably slowly collect these books in the series and then read them. I love reading books set during the reign of King Henry VII and I am sure I will like it when I pick it up.

This book is about Nan Bassett who

has been sent to be a maid of  honour for Queen Jane. She hopes to find a good marriage and when Queen Jane dies during child-birth, Nan sets her sights on the king.

September Book Haul

Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Gier

I have read Ruby Red by this author and enjoyed it and hope her new series will be as enjoyable. I am a little unsure what this series is about but it kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason.

Dream a little Dream is the first book in The Silver Trilogy and follows Liv as she has moved to a new country and begins having strange dreams. In her dreams she recognizes 4 boys from her new school and they know things about her that they couldn’t know unless they were real? It sounds intriguing and after I have finished reading the Precious Stone Trilogy.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This movie comes out next month and of course I want to read the book first, so I stopped by Chapters to get myself a copy. The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller about the disappearance of a women and how one girl named Rachel sees something while on her  train ride that might lead to the disappearance. Rachel is deemed unreliable witness so she begins to investigate the disappearance herself.

To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway

While at Chapters I picked up a couple more of those Arcturus Classic editions. They didn’t have as many options as last time but were a few and still 3 for $10. I wanted to pick up another Ernest Hemingway novel and this was the one they had. To Have and Have Not is about a Cuban fisherman who gets caught up in carrying contraband into Havana from Florida, in order to provide for his family.

September Book Haul

The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner

This was the only other classic that they had left that sounded interesting to me. This centers around the financial ruin of the Compson Family who are aristocrats in Jefferson, Mississippi.

The Unfaithful Queen by Carolly Erikson

This book was part of the 3 for $10 I picked up at Chapters and was the only other book that was of interest to me that was available as part of that promo. This one is another book about the Henry VIII court. The unfaithful wife being Henry’s 6th wife Catherine Howard.

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Neffingger

I picked up these next three books at the Farmers’ Market there is a booth there of used books and was happy that I was able to find these for $2 each.

I have read the Time Traveler’s Wife before but I borrowed it and I really enjoyed it and can see myself reading it again and for $2 I figured why not. I didn’t realize how heavy this book was before but this copy that I have is so heavy for a paperback.

September Book Haul

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

I own Fly Away which is the sequel to Firefly Lane and have been waiting to find a cheap copy of Firefly Lane to begin reading it, now I don’t have to wait no more. Firefly Lane is a story about two best friends over the course of their lives and how they remain friends. I love a good book about friendship so I think I will read this soon.

The Extras by Scott Westerfield

This is the last book in the Uglies series, I already own the first book in the series. Ugiles is a dystopian series that when you turn 17 you have a procedure that will take you from an ugly to a pretty. Tally is about to turn 17 and will have her procedure soon but her bestfriend Shay runs away to advoid turning into a pretty. Authorties tell her in order to have her procedure she must find Shay and turn her in.

If you managed to read this long post I thank you and hope you enjoyed reading. Has anyone read any of the books mentioned let me know your thoughts.

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