Birthday Book Haul

Hello Bookish Lovers!


Today I am going to share with you some new books I purchased recently. It was my Birthday on the 16th and I received some gift cards so obviously I had to use them to buy books. I ended up buying 12 books in total. I picked up 5 books from Chapters and the other 7 online through Book Outlet.

Let’s start off with books I purchased from Chapters.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemmingway

The Picture of Dorian Gray July Book Haul

They had this 3 for 10 deal on Arc Classics, which ended up working perfectly because I had wanted to pick up The Picture of Dorian Gray and since having just finished Illuminate this month. Illuminate was inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray. So I did pick that up and also two books by Ernest Hemingway.

For Whom the Bell Tolls July Book Haul

Those two being The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls. I lovve the look and feel of these book covers.. I wold love to go back and pick up some more if there are any left.

The Old Man and the Sea July Book Haul


The Lake House by Kate Morton

The Lake House July Book Haul

I have read all Kate Morton’s previous books and when I saw this one by her it was an automatic buy. I just know that I will love this book and can’t wait to read it.

The Lake House is about the Edevane family and how thier 11 month old son goes missing and never to be seen again. The family leaves the Lake House and moves back to London never to return

Seventy Years later, Alice Edevan has been cntacted by a detective that has some questions about the unsolved disappearance of her brother. This stirs up past secrets that Alice would rather not face.

Stalker by Lars Kepler

Stalker July Book Haul

I was really drawn to this cover and when I read the synopsis it intrigued me enough that I brought it at full price which I hardly ever do. When I was at home I looked more into the book and realized Stalker is the 5th book in a series called the Joona Linna Series. So now I feel I can’t read it until I have read the other 4 books.

That is all for the books I purchased from Chapters. Now on to the ones I ordered from Book Outlet.

Brazen by Katherine Longshore

brazen July Book Haul

I read Tarnish by her before and liked it and thought I might as well pick up anoher book by her to add to my bookshelf. This one is about Mary Howard set during the times of Henry VII so I am interesed in reading about her life.

Waiting for Odysseus and Inside the Walls of Troy by Clemance McLaren

Waiting for Odysseus Helen of Troy July Book Haul

I picked up two books by Clemance McLaren, first one beign Waiting for Odysseus and the other Inside the Walls of Troy. I have always been fasinated by greek mythology and don’t read enough from this time period. I thought that thsese might be a good starting point to get in to that period.

Waiting for Odysseus is told by four women that loved and served Odysseus. Each women tells their story about Odysseus. I am familiar with the the story of Odysseus, so I am interested in reading form the perspective of the women who loved him.

Inside the Walls of Troy is about the Trojan War told from the perspective of Helen, who the war was started over when she left her husband to be with Paris, The story is also told from the perspective of Cassandra who was Paris’s sister.

Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood

Star Cursed July Book Haul

This is the second book in the Cahill Witch Series. I am not to sure what this paricular one is about. But the series is about Cate Cahill and her sisters they are witches and nobody can find out or they could be locked up for that or worse.

The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman

The Ice Queen July Book Haul

I love Alice Hoffman’s books and I just love his cover so I had to pick this one up. It is about a woman wh keeps to herself and one day she wishes she would be struck by lightening. Her wish comes true and it is a beginning of a new life for the women.

The Chinese Squaking Chicken by Lainey Liu

Listen the Squawking Chicken July Book Haul

When I saw this on Book Outlet I had to get becuase this is written by my favourite gossip bloggger and fellow Canadian Lainey Liu. It is a memior about her and her mother whom she call the squawking chicken.

The Luminers by Elanor Catton

The Luminaries July Book Haul

The cover for this book is just lovely and that is the main reason why I bought it and it won the 2013 Man Booker Award so I probably is a great read.

The Luminers is set in New Zealand during the gold-mining frontier. Main character, Walter Moody movies to a new town to fin his fourunein the goldfields. Upon arrival he finds himself caught up in a series of unsolved crimes. It sounds interesting to me and I like how it is set up around astrology. Which I am very into.

That brings us to the end of my Book Haul as always I hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for stopping by.

Bookish Matters



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